Learn more about MakeupRose

MakeupRose brand produces its products under the license of Turkey, using the latest technologies in the world and using high quality materials. The research and development department and the production team of this company consist of successful chemists and engineers who are all experts in their fields and produce their products with the slogan of quality, health and environmental friendliness.

The raw materials of the products are of high quality and in accordance with international standards. MakeupRose wipes with 3 different extracts (watermelon, cucumber, aloe vera and coconut) are produced in packages of 25 pieces.

Distinction and strengths of MakeupRose remover wipes are the ability to clean face and eye makeup, even waterproof makeup, oils and impurities on the skin surface without drying and removing the necessary ingredients of the skin and soft and delicate texture. کرد. The use of natural extracts is also one of the strengths of these products, which help to hydrate and keep the facial skin moist. The fibers used in these wipes are made of thick spanels of the highest quality. These fibers have a very soft texture and have a relatively high durability.

MakeupRose remover pad has TUV mark and CE mark, which is the first make-up remover pad produced in Iran. It has a very high absorption power and gently cleanses makeup and skin impurities. This product is produced in a package of 92 pieces, which can be carried everywhere with you due to its practicality and availability.

TUV is a technical inspection and monitoring association headquartered in Germany. Supervises the health of industrial goods offered by various companies to meet the standards set for human health and the environment.

Products bearing the CE mark are accepted by Europe in terms of health, safety and not harmful to the human body and the environment, and the necessary tests have been performed on them.